French And Co Project - Ngo / Non-profit / Humanitarian Organisation

About Us.

People often think of Charity As an Action. But We think of Charity as a State Of The Heart.

Being predominantly a children – focused NGO, French & Co is a non-profit and self-governed organization promoting bilingualism in general and children bilingualism ( English – French bilingualism especially) in particular. We are actively engaged in making primarily the learning of French as second language and the acquisition of multilingual skills, possible to as many underprivileged schools and children as possible. In addition, we are also engaged in making the acquisition of IT skills possible to these deprived children.

This is to insure that, on the long term, Multilingual and IT Literates intellectuals are produced in large numbers especially from underprivileged schools and communities as well, mainly for individuals benefits…

But also to satisfy the growing need and demand on both national and internal jobs markets, for both multilingual and IT literate workers, for a better socio- economic achievements and developments, in this era of globalization...

Our Vision

To become, among others, a key reference in Ghana and beyond, when it comes to promoting children multilingualism and ICT skills acquisition.

Our Mission

We are committed to promote primarily children bilingualism whilst engaged in making the learning and acquisition of multilingual and ICT skills, easier, accessible and fruitful, especially to as many underprivileged children as possible.

Our Core Values

Unconditional love and care for children and their overall well- being.
Passion and action towards their education, personality and future building.
Sense of voluntarism, commitment, dedication, sacrifice and accountability.

French & Co is committed to regularly evaluating the impacts of its activities as well as resources invested in each of them. We assume the responsibility of accounting for our actions especially to our donors and partners.

Aware that the success of our movement and its initiatives required the involvement of various bodies, we are opened to work in partnership with parents, guardians, educators, schools, policy makers, individuals, corporate bodies and other philanthropic organizations moved by our initiative and interested in playing a supportive role in making its goals achievable and successful, for both children and societal benefits.

French & Co is a neutral entity. It does not take sides in organizational/institutional conflicts or political adversaries. We comments, commend or condemn on the basis of our values, we establish partnerships in the interest of children, and we provide support on the basis of well-established needs identification or adequate requests.

Nevertheless, French & Co is not voiceless. When our teams witness in the course of their work, neglect or abuses related to children especially to their education and which are likely to be harmful to their well – being  and/or future, we may speak out in an effort to bring such situations to public attention, in order to see them being addressed.

Better known as “Monsieur Edem”, Mr. Edem K. Bakufo is the founder of French & Co. He is an educationist, a writer, a consultant and above all a humanitarian. With his team, he dedicated the last decade of his life into research and activities meant to facilitate and promote children bilingualism in general and the academic teaching and learning of French as second language in Ghana in particular. He refers to this project he embarked on 10 years ago as: “My main mission in life after God’s work.” This statement says it all about the man who believes that: ” When it comes to education, no child shall be left behind”.

Mr. Edem K. Bakufo